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Hungerford Jewellers offers three types of engraving service to silver, gold, pewter, silver plated items, brass, resin and base metal – this is a professional skill therefore we use expert engravers. Most items can be engraved including jewellery, wedding rings, tankards, christening/birth gifts, watches, clocks, trophies, pens etc. We do not engrave glass unless purchased from one of our suppliers, who will engrave for us as part of the order. The services are 1) Hand engraving, 2) Machine engraving, 3) Seal engraving. We offer this service to items purchased from us or belonging to our customer.

  1. Hand engraving means each letter is carved by hand using the customer’s design or a style we have for you to see, on a NAG Card. There are many styles of lettering to choose from on this National Association of Goldsmith’s Card – which is a national reference for engravers. This type of engraving is recommended for jewellery such as a signet ring or pendant. The service usually takes two to three weeks.
  2. Machine engraving is accomplished by the engraver using a sophisticated cutting machine (not to be confused with some key cutting businesses) and is ideal for trophies, tankards, watches and silver plated gifts etc. The choice of lettering is Italic or Block. The service usually takes two week to three weeks.
  3. Seal engraving is used for reproducing a family crest on rings, cutlery etc. It is a deep engraving, sometimes in reverse for sealing wax use. This would normally be carried out on metal, such as gold, but can be engraved into stone, such as carnelian or bloodstone. This service takes an average of four weeks.

Pricing varies according to the type of engraving service required. We will be happy to estimate any work before proceeding.

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