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Buying From You

Hungerford Jewellers buys “second hand” either over the counter or from our suppliers. We cannot buy everything we get offered but are always willing to assess your items with a purchase offer in mind.

Items can be worth “selling on” or may be only suitable for “scrapping” and we will be happy to give you our opinion. We do not buy anything other than precious metals and gems therefore plated, base metal jewellery and watches are not of interest to us.

There are a few points worth considering which will help you have real expectations about the value of your items to traders in the jewellery field:

  • Broken items and odd earrings etc do have a scrap value if they are precious metals
  • Wedding rings will likely be scrapped as couples do not usually buy second hand wedding rings!
  • An offer from the “trade” has to take into account the possible selling price of the used item, less the VAT. due, less the expenses to buy, keep in stock and eventually sell the item and finally the profit one needs to stay in business. All these things are not necessarily obvious to those seeking to sell items and a common expectation is that they may be offered close to what they paid for it or even more.
  • Another point to consider, which will give you real expectation, is that an item may be old-fashioned and you do not want to wear it – the problem is, nor will anyone else but it may have a scrap value or even an antique value!
  • If your item is “newish” or very modern it may not be that attractive to a trader as we can all buy similar as new stock from our suppliers.
  • An encouraging point to remember is that your precious items will always have some second hand value so you can wear and enjoy until you no longer want them – not so with many designer items etc. which just wear out or become out of fashion.
  • You would most likely get more for an item if you sell it privately however that is not as instant and the potential purchaser not easy to find. If you want to try that we can help you describe it accurately.

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